Hi there,

I'm Rajeev Ratan

Data Scientist & Computer Vision Consultant
What I do best
Using Artifical Intelligence to concentrate on realworld Computer Vision applications
A bit about me
Currently, I act as a Computer Vision Consultant for companies based in US, Trinidad, & UK. Working on my computer is only part of me, I am a world-traveller and my top hobby is learning to play drums!
My latest work

"T&T COVID-19 Simulator"

Scenarios to estimates how lockdown changes can affect the number of Covid cases.

How to use interactive simulator shown below

  • Set start date for Phase 1 Lockdown Removal
  • Select Policy Choices (tick the boxes)
  • Control Social Distance/Mask Wearing/Hand Washing Adherance (move slider to estimate what % of people would practice these)
  • Click tabs Forcasted Cases, Forcasted Cumulated Cases, Actual Data
  • Repeat for Lockdown Removal Phases 2 & 3 (tick the boxes)
  • Note: scroll down on the image to view entire simulation
  • Click on 'what if there were no lockdowns?'oh no!!!

Currently in the works
Udemy Inc.
As an instructor, I created courses to train professionals and also help students in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data Analysis & Data Science for Business.
Manning Publications.
Deep Learning content creation for educational and training purposes.
Caribbean DataFam.
POS, Trinidad
As a Data Scientist, my role is to create simulations of Covid-19 scenarios for Trinidad & Guyana.
Birmingham, UK
Creating computer vision projects to teach & train professional developers

Academic Publication

The speed limit plan discussed in this paper was approved by Edinburgh’s City Council on 13 January 2015. A data-driven methodology for evaluating the impact of the introduction of a speed limit on the punctuality of bus services.

Probabilistic Modelling of the Impact on Bus Punctuality of a Speed Limit Proposal in Edinburgh

We propose a data-driven methodology for evaluating the impact of the introduction of a speed limit on the punctuality of bus services. In particular, we use high-frequency Automatic Vehicle Location data to parameterise a model that represents the movement of a bus along predefined patches of the route.

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Edinburgh Bus Airlink Route Partitioned Into 10 Colour Coded Segmenets

Illustration of the patches used to partition the Airlink route. Patches 4, 8, 9, and 10 will be affected by the new speed limit.
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Map of proposed 20mph streets, zoomed in to focus on Edinburgh’s city centre

Blue and dark-blue roads will be changed into having 20mph speed limits. The speed limit were introduced gradually from April 2016.
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Histograms for the time needed to complete Waverley-airport journey

based on a model in which each patch either has an Erlang+c or a 2-branch hyper-Erlang distribution, generated using UPPAAL.
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My Background
The University of Edinburgh
Scotland, UK
Studied MSc in Artificial Intelligence
The University of The West Indies
BSc Electrical & Computer Engineering
Computer Vision Scientist
Entrepreneur First
EF6 London Cohort
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